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  • Fiat to Fiat
  • Remittance(RSC)
  • Payment(RPG)
  • REMI & REMD Token
  • REMIIT Platform

on the blockchain

REMIIT Contract Address
: 0x13cb85823f78cff38f0b0e90d3e975b8cb3aad64


Resolve Trust Issues between Businesses

Enhance User Experience for End Users

Based on our experience as BluepanNet (MTO), we have discovered many issues in overseas remittances. We want to resolve it through
Blockchain Integration
to the current commercial systems
Stabilizing the Token with
a sophisticated Token Economy
Develop an Infrastructure
for Linkers (e.g MTO, Financial
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THE REMIIT Platform & Technology

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Linker :: Participants
Consumers, Banks, Corporate entities, Payment providers, Platform business, Fintech providers.

REMIIT Smart Contract

Configurable Smart Contract for small scale Linkers (ex.MTOs, Financial Institutions) to expand easily making partnerships with Linkers overseas through the Trust-Based Smart Contract


REMIIT Payment Gateway

A Protocol interface for payment providers that can capitalize on the REMIIT’s blockchain remittance system as a means of payment processing without going through banks and intermediaries.


REMIIT B2B Remittance and Tracking System

Patent Application Number
: 10-2019-0061786
Method and apparatus for recording transaction details
on the blockchain ledger of an environment in which funding and remittance are separated.
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Advanced UX on Blockchain DApp

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The blockchain technology will bring us a lot of benefits and abundance.
However there are still many assignments on how to approach the user in order for this to happen.
REMIIT recognizes that great technologies are useless if it is not being used thus REMIIT is aiming for a “Customer Experience” that goes beyond “Usability”.


The Two-Tier Token System: REMI & REMD

Crypto Limitations Due to Price Volatility of Tokens : Risk Bourne to Service Providers

Splitting it into TWO

To prevent rapid value fluctuation and ensure smooth overseas remittance
- Issue REMD - Staking incentive - Market making incentive token remi
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- Means of Transfer - Stabilized - Ensuring stable REMD
collateralized by REMI
token remd
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A Whole New KRW Stable Coin swapped with non-fiat Stable Coin
Based on "SWAPs" in finance, REMIIT will launch a stable and scalable coin without involving any fiat currencies
Stable Coin
: Backed by USD pegged stable coins (USDT,TUSD,PAX,USDC)
: SWAP between USD pegged stable coin and KRWR, a KRW pegged stable coin
Regulation Compatibility
: No involvement of fiat currencies
Stability Optimized Crypto Derivatives Exchange
Hedge, Speculate and Trade with Leverage and Perpetual Contracts
Crypto Derivatives
: Cryptocurrencies are representative of risky assets. Through derivatives, users can capitalize the risk to make profit

: The Linkers in the REMIIT Platform will leverage the exchange to hedge their FX risks for stable business operations
Time Advantage
: Linkers can access liquidity at any time according to their timezone


Story about REMIIT


2019 Q2
REMIIT Smart Contract (RSC) MVP
2019 Q3
KRW value pegged KRWR Stable Coin Whitepaper Release
Sales and Development of Prototype for Business Use
Crypto Derivatives Exchange Alpha Launch
2019 Q4
REMIIT Linker Protocol (RLP) SDK
REMIIT Linker Applications
RLP-based Software for Linkers
Partially integrate RSC and RLP
Crypto Derivatives Exchange Beta Launch
2020 Q1
REMIIT Remittance Regulation Service Launching
Crypto Derivatives Exchange Official Launch
2020 Q2
Expansion of RSC and Servicing Countries
KRWR Release
Crypto Derivatives Exchange Expansion
Crypto Exchange Spot Trading Launch
2020 Q4
Remittance Test through RSC with KRWR
Hybrid DEX Launch
Fiat Pegged Stable Coin Expansion
2021 Q1
Crypto Collateral Stable Coin Test and Release
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이벤트 코드를 다시 확인해 주세요!


10,000 REMI

확인 및 자세한 안내는 으로 메일을 통해 진행과정을 안내해 드리겠습니다.



Stevie An
CEO BluepanNet - Founder
17.71 - CEO
Development and Education in the Financial Product Analyzing Program
E-pass Korea (Associate Instructor)
Specialized in Economics & Finance Portfolio
Lectured in major banks, securities and etc
Meta Business Institute
HRD Design & Smart learning program
Logan Hong
CTO BluepanNet - CTO
LoopyStory - CEO
NexonDD - CTO
Simnet - Software Engineer
Ryan Moon
CXO Neospring, Fintech - CIO
Opentrade, Fintech - UX/UI Lead
Welivein - CEO
Hongik University
Jay Jung
CFO Post Doctoral Research Fellow,
Utrecht University and IISH, Utrecht and Amsterdam, the Neterlands
MSc in Financial Engineering,
Ph.D. in Financial Engineering,
Ajou University
Yuchao Li
Business Development Manager BluepanNet - Chinese Remittance Manager
MA in E-Business,
Kyonggi University
Hank Shin
Marketing & PR Manager Vibeo - Advisor
Linker Coin - CBDO
AIESEC in Korea
Head Of Finance and Sales Operations
The University of Melbourne
Freend Choi
Blockchain Developer BluepanNet - Software Engineer
Prom630 Software Engineer
Bizmerce Software Engineer
Hunter Shin
Blockchain Developer BluepanNet - Global Operation Manager
Hankyul Industry - Advisor
Hydro-Tek Vietnam - Web Developer
Army Service at 5th Division
IT Team Leader
Cyber Security Award by ROKA
Wuhan University
Ellie Yoon
Graphic Designer BluepanNet - Graphic and UI Designer
DtoC - Graphic Designer
Bros Group - Graphic and Editorial Designer
Sangmyung University
Kei Kim
Front-End & Blockchain Developer BluepanNet
- Front-End & Blockchain Developer
plusmover - CTO
Noah Kim
Blockchain Developer BluepanNet - Blockchain Developer
Univrary - CTO
Webtoon mania - CTO
Pusan National University


Tae Won Kim
Listing Advisor Glosfer - CEO
FinTech Industry Association - Director
Lc company - CEO
Dongguk University
Israel Keys
Operation Advisor Bloom Solutions - CEO
- Blockchain Entrepreneur & Innovation Strategist
Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, MPA
University of Queensland, Engineering & Science
Ueda Shin
Operation Advisor Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Postal Services Agency
- Tokai Post Bureau Savings Manager
Japan Post - Vice President
JP Communications - CEO
KaigaiSoukin Dot Com Co,Ltd. - Auditor
Postal College
Jin Wan Cho
Token Economy Advisor [EDUCATION]
- Bachelor in Economics, Seoul National University
- Master in Finance, Master in Applied Mathematics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
- PhD in Business Administration, Carnegie Mellon University (Concentration: Financial Economics)
- Professor (Chair), The State University of New York KOREA
- Director of Korea Institute of Finance Industry
- Co-CEO of International Arbitration and Alliance Group
- Senior Researcher of Korea Fixed Income Research Institute
- Committee Member, The Committee of Fund Management, Korea Specialty Contractor Financial Cooperative
- Committee Member (Chair), The Committee of Fund Management, Korea Power Exchange
- Outside Director, Hyundai Securities Co., LTD.
Kwon Gi Mun
Token Economy Advisor Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management, Fairleigh Dickinson University, NJ, USA
Advisor, United Nations Sustainable Committee, NY, USA
PhD in Business (Joint Program: Operations Research & Supply Chain Management), Rutgers University, NJ, USA
IUDC visiting PhD students, IEOR, Columbia University, NY, USA
Master in Economics, University of Missouri – Columbia, MO, USA
Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry - CEM Manager
David Seo
Technical Advisor Yggdrash - CEO
Coinone - COO
Inha University
Peter Ryu
Technical Advisor Yggdrash - CTO
ICON Foundation (ICX Coin Development Team Leader)
THELOOP (Blockchain Architect and Development Team Manager)
Wemakeprice (Global e-Commerce platform development)
Jaeho Jang
Operations Advisor ZhonPingHanYi - Director
DdingDong Company - Director
Accommate Holdings - Founder
Suzhou university in China
Ajou University in Korea
Luke Sestito
Operations Advisor Channel to Market Advisor
Co-Founder CPROP
Co-Founder Sanus Connect
CEO - DeLeon Group
University of Cincinnati
Daniël De Weyer
Operations Advisor Global Client Director - SWIFT
Selfkey Advisor
CEO - Cryptoworld Ltd


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